Thursday, December 27, 2012

Longtimer of the Month

This is Sincere.  She has been at the SPCA since June 15, 2012 for a total to date of 195 days.  When she arrived at the shelter she weighed just 35.8 pounds (Left).  Today she weighs 51 pounds.  This is her story:

She had a litter of puppies on May 16, 2012.  Her owner was not feeding her enough, and the food she was getting was of low quality.  To add to her woes, she was full of fleas and internal parasites.  Her five puppies were also thin.  Her puppies were so hungry that, at four weeks of age, they hungrily ate moist puppy food.  It took many weeks for Sincere to recover from her starved state.  Despite the fact that her puppies were pit bulls, they were quickly adopted.  Not so for Sincere.  Her breed and activity level have kept her from being adopted.

She holds a special place in my heart because I am the person who picked her up from her neglectful situation.  I am hoping that someone will read her story and know that this dog needs a second chance at a good home.

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