Friday, December 14, 2012

Free Range Chickens

One hot summer evening I passed by a field that had 2 foot high fenced areas, approximately 10 feet square, covered with aluminum sheets.  Under the aluminum 'roofs' were many chickens. There were a dozen or so of these types of pens.

It occurred to me that those chickens probably get very hot during the heat of the summer day and questioned our investigator about it.  He agreed to check on the birds.  What he discovered surprised me.

The chickens were being bred as 'free range' chickens.  They had plenty of water and feed and supposedly, the pens were moved frequently.

Up until I went to training and saw how the food animals were housed and butchered, I was a meat eater.  My favorite meat was chicken.  Since then I have been avoiding all meat.  I know of other people who avoid meat but will, on occasion, will eat 'free range' chicken. 

When I think 'free range', I'm thinking a Texas sized ranch where the chickens run where they want and have fun finding yummy things to eat.  So imagine my disappointment when I saw a 'free range' farm locally.

I've adjusted pretty well to eating veggies and fish and hardly miss eating meat.  And since I've seen how 'free range' and farm raised chickens are housed, I'm even happier that I've adjusted. 

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