Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So many rescues, So little money

I understand the difficulties in animal rescue and I certainly don't want to criticize other rescue groups.  But what about individuals?  Lately, I have had several people requesting spay or neuter assistance for dozens of animals.  Yes, it is wonderful that someone is getting animals spayed or neutered.  But then they give the animal away.  Our staff is torn between wanting to get the animals spayed or neutered, making sure that the animal is in a good home and is well cared for, and budgeting our money for the most affective use.

So if someone wants to be a 'rescue', should they also shoulder the responsibility for the financial costs for the care of that animal?  Unfortunately, so many rescuers become hoarders and the animals are the ones that suffer.

On Monday, we removed 15 cats from one home.  The smell coming from the house was typical of a hoarding situation.  So, while I want to get every animal spayed or neutered, I also want responsible care for those animals. 

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