Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Special

The turkey carcass is in the trash can.  (No energy for soup). 

Ten pies are in the fridge.  (We really need to coordinate the bring a dish thing.)

And the SPCA is having a Black Friday special.  Really!  All black animals are 50% off the adoption fee.  How great is that? 

This is a good time to adopt because the kids will be home from school for the holidays and will have time to help an animal get acclimated to the new home and environment.  Christmas Eve is not a good time however.  Think about the Thanksgiving festivities and think about how the hustle and bustle stressed you out.  (Or not)  And think about how the animal will respond when it is thrown into this new environment.  It is better to acclimate the animal in a calm environment-then add the festivities. 

Or better yet, provide a SPCA gift certificate for the animal lover on your list.  You can purchase an adoption certificate for someone and let them choose an animal.  Or you can purchase a gift certificate for use in the SPCA gift shop. 

Whatever you decide, you will be helping the animals have a joyous holiday season.

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