Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Meet Our Newest Employee

Several years ago we had as many as five 'house cats'.  They would roam the shelter, greet customers, run away from children, and nag the staff for affection.  Little did we know that they were performing another task while we were away from the shelter.  Mouse control!! 

Since our last house cat-Paco-passed away, we have been swamped with mice.  I was fortunate enough to open a desk drawer and find a mouse sitting there.  He is now deaf because of the scream that involuntarily erupted from my mouth.

Every staff member has found mouse droppings on their desk, or in their desk drawers.  So....... we hired Archie.  Following is his job description:

Job Title:            House Cat

Job Summary:   Keeps the shelter mouse free by quickly dispatching any non-domestic mice.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.      Patrols the shelter lobby, offices, intakes rooms, grooming room and kitchen to chase off mice.
2.      Dispatches any and all non-domestic mice that are found in the building.
3.      Is friendly with all staff ,volunteers, and visitors,
4.      Uses litter box.
5.      Stays away from all dogs.

Education:                         On the job training.

Prior Experience:            Experience preferred but will train.

On-the-job Training:      Job proficiency must be attained within six months.

Knowledge and skills:     Can identify mice.

Special Qualifications:   Must have the ability to capture and dispose of all non-domestic mice in the shelter.

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