Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beware of So Called 'Rescues'

I know of three women who claim to be animal rescues.  I can also tell you that these women have been investigated multiple times for neglect.  Basically they are hoarders with big hearts and the inability to take on animals.  So please, when you donate your hard earned money, please be sure that the charity is truly a registered charity within your state.  Do not rely on their web-site or facebook page because that is what the individuals want you to believe.

A true charity should welcome your visit and should be willing to show you audited financials as to where your donations are being used. 

One of the so called rescues in our area will remove our donation banks from area businesses, keep our money, and replace the can with their can!

It is not that I would deny another valid charity any donations.  I would welcome the proper care and love of another rescue group.  But when our Humane Society Police Officers receive multiple calls, and must make multiple visits to another 'rescue', I have to think twice about whether they do more harm than good.  And you should too.

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