Thursday, March 29, 2012

Condemed and Not Fit For Humans

Recently, Officer Woltz received a call about a house that was being condemned and contained cats.  The condition of the house was so bad that we could not enter without full protective gear.  The smell of ammonia and feces was so strong that the house could not be entered without a respirator.  The elderly woman who lived in the house had been taken to the hospital and the EMT's who picked her up reported the house to the codes officers.  Two other people lived in the house as well.

There was cat feces everywhere-on the floors, furniture, counters, bathtub, and in the closets.  There was trash and debris everywhere you looked.  Laundry was piled as high as the washer machine and twice as long. 

I'm not sure how anyone was able to live in this environment.  We were able to transport three cats and four kittens to the shelter.  The adults were feral and the kittens were undernourished, sickly, and had ringworm.  We were unable to catch all of the cats despite two and a half hours of attempts.  Officer Woltz decided the best course was to set traps.

I felt so bad about the whole situation.  The fact that people and animals were in such dire conditions.  How sad.

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