Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mac's Story

Before at 44 pounds

                       After at 58 pounds

Upon investigation, this Boxer mix was found tied to a dog house, in muddy conditions, with no signs of food or water.  Not visible is a large, open wound on his right buttock.  Officers obtained a warrant and removed the dog named Mac.  To add to the misfortune of this dog, he is completely blind.

While at our shlelter he received care to get his weight back to normal, de-wormed him, gave him inoculations against disease, and had him neutered.  He quickly became a staff favorite becasue of his sweet deameanor.  When we would talk to him he would move his head back and forth as he tried to determine where the voice was coming from.  It took a little bit of work for him and the staff to walk him on a leash due to his blindness.

A lovely family came in to visit with Mac.  They already had a dog but wanted another.  The visit between the two dogs went very well and they decided to adopt. 

This is why we do the work we do.  To see a dog with such deformites go to a good home makes us happy!

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