Monday, February 27, 2012

Bruno's Excellent Adventure

Bruno is a hound mix who was originally surrendered by his owner because they were moving.  He was adopted but returned within nine months because he loved to escape from his home. 
So on Saturday he was visiting with a potential adopter.  She was clearly told to lock both gates when she took him outside. Somehow, she did not.  And guess what?  Bruno saw an open door and he was off!

I happened along with my dogs in the car and saw two of my employees walking down the road with leashes in hand. Uh-oh.  I knew what that meant.

We drove around for awhile looking for him, but to no avail.  He was long gone.  How could the SPCA have a stray animal at large!  How mortifying.

Luckily for everyone, Bruno came back on his own Saturday evening.  It was cold out after all, and Bruno remembered his warm bed and that dinner was being served. 

I was happy that he didn't get hit by a car or injured on the railroad tracks.  If only he could talk and tell us where he ran off to.

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