Friday, August 19, 2011

More Follow-up

Can you believe this is the same dog from my post of July 20?  Below is the e-mail I received from her adopter.
Hi Vickie,

Wanted to let you know that Grace is doing great. Had her to the Vet's this morning, she weighs 72 lbs. now, her hair is coming in pretty fast now and her old hair feels soft.  She is also getting a little muscle in her hind legs due to her increasing strength...running with Shem is helping. Her personality has blossomed and at times she is a brat (in the most loving way) I have started some training with her now that she is stronger.  Such a sweet, loving dog, think I will eventually put a TDI on her and take her to the nursing homes.

Attached is a picture of Grace with her nyla bones....notice she gathers them up and usually has several under her while chewing on one, don't think she wants to share with Shem."

What a nice way to end the work week!

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