Thursday, August 4, 2011

Miracle Revisited

Miracle is the dog that was found shot three times and survived. (See blogs dated 3/28, 3/29, 3/30, 4/5). Charges for abandonment were filed against former owners Jason and Jodi Ellis.  The Ellis' hired an attorney and asked officer Woltz to settle the charges without going through a hearing.  This is some of the evidence as we know it:
1.  A family was given Miracle but returned her to the Ellis'.
2.  The next day we received a call regarding an injured dog which was found to be shot three times.
3.  When we found the owner of Miracle, Jodi Ellis referred Officer Woltz to their attorney.
4.  The caliber bullet that was removed from Miracle was the same caliber as a gun registered to an Ellis family member.  When searching for the gun under warrant, the Ellis' claimed that the gun had been sold.

Officer Woltz agreed to withdraw one count of abandonment if one of Miracle's owners pled no contest and agreed to pay restitution for half of the cost of Miracle's care.  Not so surprisingly, they agreed. 

Miracle has a new home and a life with people who love her.  I believe justice has been served, but karma is a different story........