Monday, July 25, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

This is for all you bunny lovers.  You must check out our homepage at to see the rest of the rabbit pictures.  (And check out the names.  I think someone was hungry when they named them).  The owner of these rabbits originally had them in her house but become overwhelmed and moved them outside.  When the weather became too hot she decided to surrender them.  Rabbits do not tolerate the heat well so she made the difficult decision to find them new homes. 

When pet owners are faced with the difficult decision to give up a pet I try to keep an open mind.  One can never be sure of the circumstances until "you walk a mile in their shoes".  Sometimes it is the best for the animal. Sometimes it is best for the owner.  (allergies, health issues, landlords).  People now a days are so quick to criticize.  Sometimes we have people who continuously get animals,  and regardless of instructions on the proper care of their pet, they fail to give even the basic care.  Plus there are those who intentionally, and willfully abandon their pets to the elements.  Those are the people I cannot understand. 

However, we do the best we can to care for the animals, bring them to good health, and find wonderful homes for them.  Do you want a bunny?

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