Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Help This Little Guy

Teddy Bear needs someone with a big heart and the funds to pay for his care.  This little six month old Chihuahua has multiple birth defects.  He was the product of inbreeding between a mother and son.  Of the litter of 5, he was the only survivor. 
He came to our attention by a caller who said that three little dogs were in a black metal crate in full sun when the temperatures were in the upper 90’s.  The dogs were panting heavily when Officer Woltz arrived.  He quickly transported the dogs to the shelter where they were wrapped in cool, wet towels and given water to drink.  Luckily, the dogs did not suffer further and we were able to cool them to a normal body temperature.
The owner will be cited for cruelty.  Even though we asked him to surrender the dogs for adoption, he insisted on the return of two.  Legally, we had no recourse.  He was instructed on the proper care of the dogs and hopefully he will comply. 
In case you can’t tell, Teddy Bear has no eyes.  He also has a condition called Hydrocephalus; more commonly known as water on the brain.  This condition caused his fontanel (also called the soft spot) to remain open.  These are the conditions we can see.  We are not sure if he has other problems internally.  He loves to be held and have his neck scratched.  Since he is only 3.4 pounds, he is very easy to carry around, in fact; he very much enjoys being held. 
If you, or someone you know, loves special little dogs such as Teddy Bear, and has the funds to provide a full veterinary work up and follow-up care, please come and visit.  There is something in this little dog that will melt your heart.

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