Sunday, July 13, 2014

Raising Funds For Charity

I am often amazed by the individuals and groups that will host various fundraising events to help raise funds to care for homeless animals.  From young children to adults the ambition and ingenuity
of our supporters is amazing.  From home made pet treats to lemonade stands, we have had people work hard and give generously.  There are also tons of businesses that donate when purchases are made. 

A new twist on fundraising is an app named Walk for a Dog.  More information can be found at  There you can learn more about the app, and should you choose to download the app, you can choose your favorite charity.  Wooftrax will make a donation based on your use for that charity.  The Lycoming County SPCA received a donation from Wooftrax, and that is how we found out about it.

 Once in a great while there will be some people who will raise funds for their own benefit.  And that is a difficult thing to reign in. My advice is to always write a check to your favorite charity and only pay cash if you are paying it directly at the charity's facility. 

The Lycoming County SPCA likes to acknowledge donations we receive with a thank you letter-another great reason to write a check.  And THANK YOU for your support!

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