Thursday, December 5, 2013

Be a Matchmaker

There is something very rewarding about matching up the right family with the right animal.  I'm sure there is someone you know who is without a pet and wants one.  The person who is without a pet and has lost "the best one ever", may just need to find the next 'best one". 

Often after the loss of a pet, a potential adopter will overlook some wonderful animals because they are not like the pet they lost.  However, with a little encouragement, a different pet may make the difference.

I recall a woman who came to the shelter looking for a dog.  She had a golden retriever previously and was looking for another companion "but not any pit bulls".  After questioning her about her preferences, I realized that she was looking for a loving companion who would take relaxing walks then snuggle with her on the sofa.  I knew of the perfect dog.  I retrieved her from the kennel to visit.  And just as I hoped, the dog snuggled right up to the woman.  The dog's name was April and she did indeed have "Pit Bull" characteristics as well as other breeds mixed in.  When I told the woman that yes indeed, this dog had some pit bull in her she was surprised.  She had fallen in love with April despite her preconceived idea of what that breed was like.  April was adopted and has returned for visits with her happy owner.

I've found other animals for friends as well and it is always a happy experience.  You should try it as well.  Spread the happiness and help your friends and family find the perfect match!

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