Friday, June 28, 2013

Fat Boy Needs A Home

Fat Boy is a very sweet cat.  When he came to the shelter his name was Mama because the finder thought he was pregnant.  No, not pregnant, just fat.

Our lead kennel attendant thought it would be a great idea to put an adoptable cat in the public area so that visitors might want to adopt him.  Unfortunately, the other cats have not welcomed him with open paws. 

Fat Boy was sleeping peacefully on the second level of the cat tree pictured above.  Carver wanted to be there and bullied his way onto it and Fat Boy was relegated to the first level.  (Bulling happens in the cat world too.)

Meanwhile, Fat Boy continues to seek human affection but often hides to keep away from the other cats.  He needs a home.  Are you that home owner? 

Come and meet him for yourself. I think you will love him.

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