Friday, April 12, 2013

Cat Condos

Our kennel manager researched several types of cat kennels for our new addition.  There is quite a variety to choose from but we found that the type of 'Cat Condos' featured above will fill our needs nicely. 

Each condo has three sections.  The larger section we call the 'lounge'.  The two smaller areas can be used for the 'bathroom' (AKA litter box) and the 'bedroom'.   Not featured in this photo are storage drawers that can be placed at the bottom of the condos.  Not only will the drawers provide convenient storage, but the added height will make it easier for staff to clean the kennels.

We received glowing references from two other shelters who are using this type of housing so we are looking forward to having them installed.  The only possible down side to these kennels is that we will like them so much that we will want to replace our existing cat kennels! 

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