Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pardon Our Mess

You've heard the old adage; a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement. 

The floor of our dog intake room is pictured above.  We moved our intake area to our conference room.  (Inconvenient)  The contractors needed to open the drain so that they could add more drains for the new rooms.

Sometime in March we will break ground for our new addition.  The dog intake room will resume its place in our procedures.  The room beyond the dog intake will be a future space for spaying and neutering.

We will also add a large multipurpose room.  Our plans for this room include dog training and behavior modification, temperament testing, and recovery area for animals after surgery.

The third room will house additional space for incoming cats.  Our plan is to have the cats evaluated, inoculated, spayed or neutered, then placed in the public room for adoption. 

So watch our progress as we expand our building.  We are excited that we will improve our services even if we have some temporary inconveniences.

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