Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crisis in Pennsylvania

 Am I crying wolf or is there a trend? 

I receive calls from Pennsylvania dog wardens from other counties asking me to take dogs because they have no where to take them.  Why is that?  First off, shelters are closing their doors or are going 'no kill'.  Wellsboro SPCA closed and then was taken over by another shelter.  However, the new shelter does not take dogs from the Tioga County dog warden requiring wardens to seek shelter from other counties.  So, if an owner is looking for their dog would they think to call other county shelters?  Clinton County and Danville SPCAs frequently refer people to us when they do not have room because they are not open admission shelters. 

We are fortunate that we are able to find homes for our dogs and not euthanize for space.  But what will happen if we become the only shelter in our area to remain open admission?  Should we take on the financial burden of taking in strays from all over the state?  I have a fiscal responsibility to use donor funds for the care of the animals.  As the summer approaches I can see that our shelter is filling.  Soon we will not have space.  Although we can set up temporary kennels for the over flow, it requires more staff time and expense. 

A week ago I received a call from officials in the City of Berwick.  Their animal control officer resigned and they had 7 dogs that needed homes because no one could care for them.  Another shelter down.

The department of dog law offered grants to shelters to help with expenses.  This year they cut the amount of funding.  Will another shelter go down due to loss of funding?  Is this a crisis?

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