Thursday, October 20, 2011

I have friends

I am fortunate to have friends.  Friends that I can talk to, get suggestions from, and ask for help.  I talked to two of those friends today.  The first, (the one who suggested I write this blog-yes you) came to the shelter.  When I talked about have 'bloggers block' and the fact that what I really wanted to do was complain about all the difficulties I encounter.  She gave me some good advice.  "Go ahead.  It is your blog and people need to know what it is really like to run a shelter."

The second friend who happens to be a writer for a newspaper (yes you), suggested that I write about the recent loss of Bengal tigers, bears, and other exotic animals.

Good advice from both because I often deal with people who have animals they shouldn't and sometimes the end is sad.  How unfortunate that an endangered species had to be hunted and killed to protect the people who lived nearby.  How unfortunate that all of the animals had to be hunted because of the stupid idiot that released them.  How unfortunate that we can't do unto animal abusers what they do unto poor helpless animals.

So thanks to my friends who gave me some good suggestions.  And thanks to all of you who care about animals.  Someone needs to be there for them.

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