Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where has the week gone?

Somehow I went from Monday to Thrusday in 12.5 seconds.  (Or so it seems)  Shelter days are often busy with comings, goings, investigations, phone calls, fundraising, etc.

I'm sad to say that some of my time was spent working with our investigatior on another dog shooting.  A beagle was shot, then buried by the perpetrator.  The dog's body was found and the bullet was retrieved.  Officer Woltz does have a suspect and we hope to make an arrest in this case.

In case you are wondering, leg work is still being done in two other dog shootings;  the white German Shepherd that was found in the river and Miracle-the dog that survived three gunshots. 

I'm hoping to visit Miracle today or tormorrow and provide updated pictures.  One thing I can say, there is always something new going on at the SPCA!

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