Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Friday!

I've had a busy week and am looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  Even though I have the weekend off, my dedicated staff will be here caring for the animals.  Right now the shelter is not full.  (Yeah)  Never-the-less, it takes lot of work 365 days of the year to care for the animals.  Just to give you a brief idea what a morning is like:
8 AM:  Arrive at the shelter.  Let the dogs out.  Spray down every kennel and disinfect.  Start cleaning cat kennels.  Take cat out, clean bowls, refresh food and water, clean litter pan, put clean blanket in kennel, add a toy or two, put cat back with a big hug and rub behind the ears.
Transport animals to vet for spay neuter.
Investigator writes reports from previous day and plans investigaitons for new day.
9 AM:  Give medications.  Rinse dog kennels, dry, put beds in dog kennels, fresh water and food.  Let dogs back in.
10 AM:  Clean outside dog kennels.  Check messages, return calls, open the doors, begin the day.  Go with the flow becasue you never know how many animals will come in, how many will go out, and how many you will rescue today.  And it's only 10 AM!!!!!
Enjoy your weekend and love your animals.  And for those who don't receive the love they should, keep an eye out for them and call us if you are concerned.

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